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Lead Free


Lead Free | 6 October, 2004

Does anyone have any experience with any lead free solder paste and the "paste in hole " or intrusive reflow process? I am interested in how the lower "spread" of lead free paste reacts in a through hole soldering process.

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Lead Free | 10 October, 2004


I just did a seminar on lead free, but don't have any experience myself yet. However the guy running the course said that in all the testing he had done he had not seen any major difference between lead and non lead soldering. He spent quite a bit of time on it.

However it will be interesting when I try it myself!


Grant Blackmamgic Design

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C Lampron


Lead Free | 11 October, 2004


I also do not have any practical expeince at this time with the LF. I can only imagine that the reduced spread/flow of the LF would make the process window for intrusive reflow that much smaller. I think that things like pin to hole ratio and hole fill requirements will be much more critical. I am interested in hearing from anyone who does have experience in this.



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