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What do you thing about new NXT


What do you thing about new NXT | 7 October, 2004

Hi Guys!!

What do you thing about the new NXT Fuji. This new machine apperar with new concept for high flexible mounters to compete with CM402 Panasonic and HS60.

I would like receive comments about this new machine in your contry.

In a few months i need buy another machine.

Tks for all replys

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What do you thing about new NXT | 8 October, 2004

Compete with CM402 and HS60? Maybe...

But no match for Assmebleon A-series...

Anyway: I've seen many pictures, brochures and video's on several exhibitions, but am yet to see the thing itself. Is it a sign? You tell me....

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What do you thing about new NXT | 10 October, 2004


I checked one out in Taiwan recently, and they had two NXT systems on the booth. I think they are very exciting, and being able to change the mounter head and camera, and dual lane is good for through put.

However each bay is only 20 x 8mm feeder positions, and they come in 4 bays to a system, as the base is for 4 bays. So the problem I had is the tray feeder takes two bays, so you only get 40 x 8mm feeder positions left after that for other components. So you cannot really do much with 1 x 4 bay machine. You really need two, for 8 bays to get enough feeder positions.

The problem is that takes you over $800K, so it's an expensive option. I wish they had a single bay tray feeder for it, then you could stay with 1 x 4 bay module, and get started, and then add more as you grow. The initial step up is too high.

If you want Fuji machines, I think the XP141 and XP242 systems in a chain would be better. They are lower cost, and each XP142 has 40 8 mm feeders each.

But I like the idea, and it will be interesting to see if these chained gantry machines can get the cost down, to make it more affordable for more people to use.



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What do you thing about new NXT | 12 October, 2004

We recently went through an evaluation period of an NXT modular setup. We ended up purchasing the 2XM6 setup mainly due to the board length limitation of less than 10 inches for the M3 modules without splitting feeders. The machine has been extremely reliable so far. They do now offer a Medium Tray unit that only takes up 20 feeder slots. Contact Fuji about this.

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What do you thing about new NXT | 13 October, 2004


Ok that's a good idea, and they have a smaller tray feeder, so that's about the only problem I could see. I would love to get NXT, but it's just too expensive when compared to XP machines, but the dual lane is the extra I guess. I love the flexibility of them though.


Grant Blackmagic Design

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What do you thing about new NXT | 14 October, 2004


It is nice with a flexible machine. But what is the cost? It sounds so nice when you see a demonstration or the alike. What I have heard about the NXT model is that if the boards becomes wider than 210mm or so, the performens drops whit about 50%, because of the mechanical construction og the machine. How smart is that, if it holds true. But a point to verify. Perhaps that is why not many are yet around. Checkout what Assembleon's A-serie can do, what Siemens have and so forth.

Regards, Steven Teamleader SMT

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Pana/Fui User


What do you thing about new NXT | 20 January, 2006

6 month back in China -Panasonic CM402 and Dt401 beat NXT flat in terms of quantity and quality so so. Panasonic used RF CVT system for component verification and E plant view to monitor the production output.They were also able to plot charts and graphs. NXT also had component verification system, also wireless like panasonic. Panasonic RF CVT scanner were slightly bigger then NXT component verification system.

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