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signal generators


signal generators | 15 October, 2004

Hello to you all I was hoping one of you guys would be good enough to give me some advice on a problem I am having with some training simulators I have developed for my work. I have basically built two electronic control simulators to duplicate the operation of a haultruck and front end loader that my company manufactures.

The problem I currently have is that I need to generate 3 pulse width signals to an electronic transmission controller before my simulation tool will operate correctly.

The two signals are:

1. two ground speed sensors (24VDC proximity switches) mounted on a drive line switching at 90deg phase difference. Frequency of each 0 -1000 Hz. The frequency of these signals needs to be adjusted through their range by means of a single potentiometer. torque convertor output speed sensor which is a single 24VDC proximity switch also switching at 0 -1000Hz. The signal range adjustment also requires a simple potentiometer.

As you all can probably guess from my description I am a bit green when it comes to electronics but I am keen to have a go and build these things myself as I have been badly let down by a guy who promised to make two of these for me and has so far failed to deliver them for over three months now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this (God I am such a suckhole)

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