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Economics for Electronics Assembly

John Escobar


Economics for Electronics Assembly | 26 May, 2000

I am a Ph. D. student in Technology Management at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ. My thesis idea is related to Economics for Electronic Assembly. The general idea is to create a sensitivity economic model related to the design and manufacture trade-off of integrated circuit boards.

I need help in obtaining capital and operating costs for electronic assembly. Is there any hanbook or industry source with published data? Or do companies have typical cost data available? If so, which companies?

Obviously I am only interested in published data, and not any company confidential data.

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Re: Economics for Electronics Assembly | 30 May, 2000

John: I�ve got questions for you � � Given that the spending pattern are significantly different for design and manufacture and these are unrelated departments in most companies, what�s the point? � What would be the purpose of such a "a sensitivity economic model"? And who would use it? � What�s an "integrated circuit board"? � How would your model handle differences between large companies, like Sony or GE, and small companies, like Bob�s Electronic Sculler. � Alpha Metals developed a model that sounds similar to the one you propose, except that it focused on electronic assembly. How would yours be better? (This model is distributed by Phil Zarro at ITA. Find his contact information in the archives.)

Ceeris collects lots of assembly cost data. Find their contact information in the archives.

Finally, one of the things I've leaded about beans, is it sure makes a difference in how you count them. It might be good for you to visit some electronic design and assembly shops in Joysee.

Good luck Dave F

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