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Help with Mydata CP/4 video card


Help with Mydata CP/4 video card | 1 November, 2004

i NEED TO LOCATE SOMEBODY WHO CAN REPAIR A MyData CP/4 video card. Or I need a supplier for New or used CP/4 card. MyData Part number L-19-240/244 (from the card). MyData repair center was unable to fix our card. The problem is in the graphic Generation circuit that is controled with the CONTROL F3 command when useing the downward looking camera. The entire screen turns white or large lines appear instead of thin one pixel lines. MyData dose not have the test equipment capability to test this function. MyData also dose not have replacement cards new or used. It's from the older style TP-9 machine with the lever in type cards. >I have a total of 3 of these types of cards that have malfunctions of various types that I need at least one fixed. Can anybody out there help? Can anybody offer support to troubbleshoot this problem or the problems with our other cards, to component level over the phone? Payment depending on results. Thanks in advance.

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