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Immersion of PWB



Immersion of PWB | 3 November, 2004


I wanna know if I immerse my fully populated PWB in a solution with 90% IPA and 10% De-ionized water at 80'C, will there be a problem or issue? Will my board or components be damaged? Will my PWM Mask peel off? What are the possible damage that might happen to my board?

The reason is that this is what they'll do during Ion Chromatography and I don't wanna have my PWB Damaged.

thanks and regards

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Immersion of PWB | 4 November, 2004

You should be fine. Unless you have some kind of ultra sensitive part. Labels are another issue. Just be sure you let everything dry completely before powering it up or ICT test.

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Immersion of PWB | 5 November, 2004

The only thing I would add to Chunks comments are components like buzzers, switches etc. that cannot get wet. For whatever it is worth, ionographs, omegameters and the like use the same basic alcohol/water mix for cleanliness testing.


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Immersion of PWB | 6 November, 2004

In addition, if PBA is assembled by No Clean paste or flux, you could have some color changes un PCB, on solder joit, on component body, etc. But just a cosmetic pbm.


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