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search results display by page | 26 May, 2000


I'm hoping that you can help me with a problem, possible due to my pea brain not being able to figure out how to work the site.

When I do a search of the forums and get 250 hits, the only way I can see the last one is to go through the whole list. If I'd looked at the first 200 yesterday, today I still have to look through them all to get to the last 50. At least, that's the only method I've found. Is it possible that you can consider revising the forum viewer to show a list of articles per page, and allow the reader to select the pages individually? Or is there another method that I can accomplish the same thing that I haven't found yet?



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Brian Doyle


Re: search results display by page | 31 May, 2000

Your message comes at an interesting time. We are currently developing a more robust search engine for the entire site. One of the features it will have is the ability to display a user specified amount of results per page as well as the ability to sort those results by date or "relevancy" if desired. We hope to have this advanced site search up within a week.

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