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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28


CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 11 November, 2004

In the last 6 months or so we all of a sudden started having a placing problem on PLCC28 components. We are stumped, and Fuji is stumped. Has anyone ever seen this before ? (This is on a CP43)

Here is what we have tried and verified:

�� Nozzle deflection (within Fuji spec.) �� Table level verified �� Back light produced same intermittent placement error as front lighting �� Installed new set of 3.7mm nozzles �� Installed 5.0mm nozzles. Same results as 3.7's �� Deleted part out of Fuji Cam library and hand typed back in �� Verified cad data did not have any offsets in it. �� Raised/lowered cam speed. Same results at high speed as low. �� Turret vacuum checked from machine to machine.(CP43#1-CP43#2-CP642) All machines read the same. �� Adjusted light levels up and down on parts cameras �� Tried different vision types per Fuji. �� Made element adjustments in package per Fuji �� Verified that we are running latest vision and machine firmware �� Moved job to CP43#2 and CP642. (Same results) �� Moved job to IP2. Parts place on.(That rules out cad error) �� Verified that there was not error in the component. (Bought a reel of 28��s from Topline) �� Verified component height.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 11 November, 2004

By the way....

The placing error is in either the X or the Y. There is no theta skew.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 11 November, 2004

I know it's a dumb question but have you tried swapping feeders or getting them all checked? (Possibly not indexing accurately).

I only suggest this as the CP's are turret, and have to take the component where it is presented, with no adjustment, whereas the IP can adjust to pick centrally and also would be using a different feeder.



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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 12 November, 2004

Double check if the part's rotation happened before camera or after (pre-rotation). Make sure no grease on rotation clutch.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 13 November, 2004

Place the part on a board with double sided sticky tape. I bet the part is sliding around AFTER mounting. The tape would proove this.

Also, are you sure your not dragging on the scrap counter? Maybe the height of the part is just touching the underside of the counter...

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 14 November, 2004

Also try deleting all unused programs from the machine's memory. Sounds stupid, but we have a CP-3 that likes to misalign components if it has more than 6 or 7 programs stored in memory.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 15 November, 2004

Hello all, and thanks for the responses.

1. I have changed feeders/ It's not the feeders 2. Parts are being pre-rotated 3. All other programs deleted out of machine 4. Ran parts on sticky tape/ same problem

Ken : That is a very valid observation that you made. It is quite possible that the parts may be skimming the underside of the parts counter. All 3 of our turret machines have had the waste tape counter banged up. As soon as I get a chance, I will check this. (This is the tallest component on our turret machines)

Thanks, I will keep you posted.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 15 November, 2004

I have had this problem on tant-D's.

Do a memory dump. Re-transmit status and proper. May help....may not.

Also, is this the last mount?

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 22 November, 2004

What type of shape data are you using? Is your vision system checking for leads or is it just looking for a square?

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 22 November, 2004

We have tried the vision both ways. Leads/body. Same issue.

FYI Ken : The parts were not hitting the feeder pan on the back of the machine.

I know this sounds really weird, but it seems that when we generate a program from Flexa(as opposed to FujiCam), the placement gets much better but still not perfect.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 23 November, 2004

I have seen some crazy placement problems that I just couldn't figure out in the past and several have come down to boards moving in the clamp. I would double check to make sure you are clamping secure enough and slow your table speed down and see if it makes any difference. I know you said both X and Y randomly off but I also would check to make sure the couplings on the ball screws have not got any play in them.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 24 November, 2004

If you're using tooling pins, you may check to see that they do not have wear on the sides from boards repeatedly rubbing against them. I have seen this problem several times, you may give it a look. If you're not using them, I'd suggest that you give that a try.

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CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28 | 29 November, 2004

Verify your offstes in the proper by ruuning PAM on the machine.

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