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waterwash of inductors

grange GAA


waterwash of inductors | 17 November, 2004

We are manufacturing an NPI board for a Customer and they want us to wash the board using a Saponifier wash. However, one of the SMT parts cannot be placed through a wash process.

Has anyone ever had to encapsulate a component to prevent water damage in a wash process. We need something that cures quickly, is waterproof and can be removed easily after the wash process.

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Shean Dalton


waterwash of inductors | 18 November, 2004

Have you considered mounting this component after the assembly has been washed. Then, mounting the component and cleaning its solder joints individually.

Alternatively, have you considered using alternative cleaning solutions to a saponifier (and associated DI water rinse). Knowing your flux type and the details of the SMT part, this could be explored further.

Shean Dalton Austin American Technology (+1) 512-335-6400 ext 20

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waterwash of inductors | 18 November, 2004

We agree with an earlier poster. Your customer's a dope and should be defining the results, not the method of a process. Good luck.

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waterwash of inductors | 19 November, 2004


We used to clean 20 pieces SMT inductors before but no problem with this process.

Please confirm what type of inductors is it SMT or hole type. What type of chemical and machine you are currently using? Maybe I can help you out.

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