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Stencil Cleaner Chemistries


Stencil Cleaner Chemistries | 19 November, 2004

Hello all, Just curious as to what type of chemistries most people prefer to use and what produces the best results. We currently have an EMC Global Technologies Cyber Clean 1000 Model 32P system. We use Isopropyl Alcohol currently to clean stencils, but I am not very happy with the results. To me, it doesn't appear to clean very well, as well as, leaving a residue on the screens. We are moving into BGA and very fine QFP products and I am concerned with our current setup. I have samples of Zestron SD 301 compound coming in for a trial. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Stencil Cleaner Chemistries | 19 November, 2004

Forgot to mention that we use Kester Easy Profile 256 No Clean solder paste on 98% of our products.

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Stencil Cleaner Chemistries | 19 November, 2004


We only use alcohol for cleaning stencil but it gives us best result even with no clean solder paste. We are using Branson.Furthermore, we have fine pitch components.Try cleaning the tank maybe there are solder accomolation in the tank or try increasing the cleaning time or try changing the frequency setting of your machine ( if you have variable ferquency)If you use many types of cleaning agent the tape on the stainless steel will peel off.

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Bill Schreiber


Stencil Cleaner Chemistries | 22 November, 2004

Hello Brent,

I recommend that you read an article by Richard Clouthier, "SMT Stencil Cleaning: A Decision That Could Impact Production." It originally was published by EP&P. We keep a copy of it on our web site:

Mr. Clouthier reviews the different chemistries and methods for cleaning SMT stencils.

If you should have any questions, plase do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Corporation

Tel: 1(818) 610-7900 Web:

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Stencil Cleaner Chemistries | 23 November, 2004

Hi Bill, Thanks for the info. I already had that document downloaded and saved. Some very good information there. It is soon to be out of my hands. I have collected the info, now to get people to make a decision about what they want to do and to what extent.

Thanks again, Brent

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