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ESD | 10 December, 2004


I am going to prepare our SMT and THT production to meet ESD protection. Could you please point some information theoretical and practical about ESD. Any web site, documentations which is important (standards-IPC), really worth books will be appreciate


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ESD | 10 December, 2004

For standards: Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA); 315-339-6937; Fax: 315-339-6793;;; 7900 Turin Road, Bldg 3, Rome, NY 13440-2069

You should build your ESD program around the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20. You can get it at the ESDA site.

Most ESD equipment suppliers [ie, Desco, Charles Watters, etc] provide brouchures. 3M has an excellant training course.

The best [and only] book is "ESD Program Management" Ted Dangelmayer. Ted proposes common sense [it's not so common in the ESD field] approaches to getting to the point. I reviewed this book a couple of years ago in the SMTnet Newspaper. You can still find it there, somewhere on SMTnet.

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