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DEK/Tannlin Vectorguard stencils


DEK/Tannlin Vectorguard stencils | 12 December, 2004

HI , We have been evaluating this remountable foil system with a view to replacing our existing one. We don't have space for framed stencils but production are complaining about the sharp foils. There's not much in the archives on it but it seems very reliable. The sales guy assure's me there are no trade off's against quality and we are struggling to prove otherwise. Has anyone else evaluated this 'vectorguard' system yet? I'm new to the company and this is my first project. What should I look out for?

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DEK/Tannlin Vectorguard stencils | 13 December, 2004

To us the system seems very good. Mount & dismount is simple and solid. As a stencil supplier, we know there is another system that solves the sharp edge issue, called Wizard/QTS. DEK likely has the edge in a high prod. environment. Bill

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DEK/Tannlin Vectorguard stencils | 15 December, 2004

We have switched from IIT pro-plates to QTS stencils. lots of companies provide them. We still buy from IIT, they have been one of the best suppliers we have had. The single axes tightening just does not get it anymore with the super small parts we have to deal with and needing to rotate the stencil between an auto line and a semi-auto line due to wiper direction. The wizard system works pretty well. I assume Dek is pretty similar, just more expensive. When IIt came out with thiers, Alpha had one that was pretty much the same. I have both but the Alpha was customer supplied and equal except it cost more.

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