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Ionic Contamination Acceptance Criteria



Ionic Contamination Acceptance Criteria | 14 December, 2004


Can you guide with the above? I read ROSE Test is a process control tool. What about Ion Chromatography, SIR and FT-IR. What Accpetance Criteria will I use for our assembly when using WS Flux? My WS Flus says it has 0% Halide so What can Ion Chromatography do to my assembly if my flux residue has no Chloride, Bromide, Fluoride etc. Do I need an SIR Test? Which Standard Documentation will I use as a guide aside from IPC J-STD-001C which in some of its clauses contradicts what it is stating and seems to criticize and find the shortcomings of some tests but would not specify what is the right thing to do...Crap!

Thanks for your help.

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Ionic Contamination Acceptance Criteria | 16 December, 2004

Hi there - unfortunately, there are no good cleanliness specs available mainly because clealiness requirements are case sensitive - you should talk to Terry Munson at 765-457-8095 - he can definitely give you advice on Ion Chromatography, SIR, ROSE testing, or any other cleanliness or reliability test based on your type of assembly. He has developed some ionic contamination limits based on his own experiences - I'm sure he would be happy to offer advice. You can read an article that he and a client wrote about how SIR, ion chromatography and ROSE correlate - check out

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Ionic Contamination Acceptance Criteria | 23 December, 2004

The "Rose" test is a process control tool because it is cheap and easy to use. It has it's problems; but, it is generally agreed to be the best tool available for this purpose.

All others are much more expensive and time consuming to run every day. They can give much more meaningful data, and, are used more typically to qualify or validate the assembly process. The list is ranked from most important to least:

1. SIR - if you only run one Qual test, run this one 2. Ion Chromotography - provides exact levels and point to source of offensive ions 3. FTIR - identifies unknown organic residues

I would look forward to discussing this further with you.

Steve Stach Austin American Technology (+1) 512-335-6400

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