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FUJI IP1 | 15 December, 2004


Can you please help us with a fix for "L Tray Original" error on a Fuji IP1 machine.

Unfortunately we don't have any manuals for the machine and are struggling a little.

If anyone has maintenance and operation IP1 manuals lying around they don't have a use for....please let us know

Thanks in advance for your help


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FUJI IP1 | 16 December, 2004

Hi Clayton,

If your in the USA you should contact Fuji America for new manuals. I bought some a couple of years ago for $35.00 ea. That's a bargain in this industry! Used manuals often have missing or damaged pages. These always seem to be the ones you need. After production leaves today I will look at my IP-1 to see if I can recreate your error. Jerry

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FUJI IP1 | 16 December, 2004


On the tray tower, the tray that's at the pick-up level flags a sensor at the back of the tray right next to the lead screw. This sensor needs to be made to zero the machine. Either the trays are out of position or the sensor is bad.


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