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Fuji Flexa with Aegis Circuticam (USERS)


Fuji Flexa with Aegis Circuticam (USERS) | 29 December, 2004

I am writing this to see how many out there use theses programs. I wanted to start a thread for issues or comments for other users or new users to use. I just like to hear new things that a person came across using the program or issues that we can help them with. I use Flexa for my SMT programming needs and Aegis Circuitcam to prep it and do documentation as well for controlled prints. Let's see if enough out there to reply than maybe do a message board or something to that effect.

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Fuji Flexa with Aegis Circuticam (USERS) | 29 December, 2004

Well I recently went with Circuitcam but I use the MCS platform still. To be honest I am not 100% sold on the software yet. I have already found bugs in the software that will likely never be fixed based on my outdated MCS platform. The only problem is I wish the salesmen would tell you this beforehand. And the ability to move my origin should be a hell of a lot easier than having to assign it to a part. How crazy is that? Training we had done on site was very limited but their phone support has been outstanding. I am still withholding judgement for a while as I have only used it a month roughly.

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Fuji Flexa with Aegis Circuticam (USERS) | 29 December, 2004

Hi All,

We�re a C-M and have been using C-Cam for about 4 or 5 years now. We we�re one of the first customers on there 16 bit platform, so we�ve seen a lot of changes. Our company runs Philips with PPS, and C-Cam has been a rock sold platform. As for the mention of using a part for an Origin, you can do that but when ever possible we use a fudical for origin. But with the Philips output the software also brings the board size along so it�s a slam-dunk.

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