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Advice on in-line mask applicators

Justin Medernach


Advice on in-line mask applicators | 22 May, 2000

Hi All, I'm looking for companies who sell in-line solder mask applicators capable of dispensing peelable as well as water soluble mask formulations. Could anyone provide me with some names, please. If this is the wrong forum for this question, I didn't mean any harm. Just let me know and I'll post it on the equipment bulletin board....

Regards, Justin

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Re: Advice on in-line mask applicators | 23 May, 2000

Justin: Hey guy you still Mr. Prototype, Small Lot Size? Or have you move on to other things?

We either print or dispense goop off-line. May be these guys can help: * TechnoISEL, 2101 Jericho Turnpike, NHyde Park, NY 11040 516.328.3970 fax 8827 ($14k) * Online 815.363.8008 (RC1818 $17k) * DCI, One Kenwood Circle, Franklin MA 02038-9908 800.341.4811 fax 508.520.1424 $10k * IJ Fisnar ($10k) 201.796.1477 fax 794.7034

Certainly the BIG DOGS can dispense goop and are probably more familiar with in-line processes. BIG DOGS: * Asymtek 800 283 6001 * Camelot Systems 508.373.3742fax521.2105

Other players in the in-line market are: * Kahnetics 909.877.5353 * Techcon 800.776.0440 * Zmation * Automation Limited 617.933.7288fax2042 * Creative Automation

Good luck Dave F

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John Lee


Advice on in-line mask applicators | 2 June, 2001

Did you ever get your dispenser? If not, feel free to contact me. John Lee

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