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old threads and questionable motives


old threads and questionable motives | 11 January, 2005

How is it that 16 month old posts get revived just for the reason of reckless slander? Even more puzzling is why the persons responsible will not reveal their identity or at least allow themselves to be emailed? My opinion is that the people that revive them must have alterior motives. I refuse to dredge up old threads with the sole motivation of trashing my competitors but I believe this is exactly what is happening. People without email addresses should not be allowed to post threads on this forum. BELIEVE ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO REVEAL THEIR TRUE IDENTITIES!!

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old threads and questionable motives | 11 January, 2005

We agree with you. We believe that there is no good to come from allowing postings to old threads. A few years ago there was an extended discussion on this here on SMTnet. * One camp wanted threads to be closed to further postings after a set period of time. * Another camp wanted threads to remain open to provide for open discussion.

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old threads and questionable motives | 12 January, 2005

Hi Greg,

I'm with you on that one - yes, as engineers we should be able to come back at sales people who claim their products walk on water, but you do seem to have had an excessively unfair kicking recently.

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old threads and questionable motives | 24 January, 2005

Greg, One thing about this site is the fact that it is an open forum. This means that anyone can pretty much say anything. Keep that in mind if you are representing a company that produces equipment that does not work as advertised, you may get �un-desirable� responses. I can tell you as a technician, it is important for me to know EXACTLY what people think about a certain piece of equipment when I post a question. Raw responses welcome.

As far as your competitors digging stuff up to trash you, well that is just wrong.

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old threads and questionable motives | 5 February, 2005

I agree with Sr. Tech. If a product is good, no excusues that's good, but if a product is said to walk on water and it does not, I pretend that people having the bad experience to report it over here so that one can evaluate the problem. I say EVALUATE because one has to investigate prior making a decision.

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