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C.O.B. | 19 January, 2005

Anybody out there that can give me the basic details about Chip on board and the manufacturing process to place these parts onto assemblies? Any special equipment/processes required? We are a contract manufacturer and have been asked to implement. I have done some searching but still am unclear on the manufacturing side.


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C.O.B. | 19 January, 2005

It depends. Let's focus. The basic versions of COB are: * Semiconductor die that you place on a glued board surface, wire bond, and then encapsulate. [The crazy uncle of the COB process, accounting for 90% of the placements.] * Semiconduct die that some nice person has attached solder balls that you place, reflow, and encapsulate. [Many call this "flip chip".]

Are you thinking abount contracting this stuff to another EMS?

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C.O.B. | 20 January, 2005

That's what I thought it was.

We may very well contract this out. We don't have underfill capability and the volumes may not warrant us investing.

Do you know of someone doing this? I don't know at this time if it is the flip chip or the wire bond process.

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