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Paste Over Hole Insertions

Joel Lohr-Dataforth


Paste Over Hole Insertions | 21 January, 2005

We are attempting to increase utilization of our Pick and Place equipment (MY9) by transfering more components into the SMT area. Large gains could be had if we can successfully place a metal socket with a lipped pickup surface into a circuit board hole measuring .070".

The screening process places paste over the board hole obscuring it from machine vision. We've busted two tools when the machine tried valiantly to place the socket just slightly off from the supposed hole location.

Should we be able to establish fiducials for each of a hundred socket locations? Or can we teach the machine the hole locations on an unpasted board, then paste, then place?

If we can figure out how to work this paste over hole situation it would expand to many other none electronics items.

Your experiences, please. Joel

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Paste Over Hole Insertions | 21 January, 2005

If I understand you correctly here are my recommendations:

1. You should not need to have your machine read more than (3) fids to place your sockets.

2. It sounds to me like your currents fids are through holes that are getting paste printed into them. If that is the case, the easiest way to align the board is by selecting locate boards (manual). Use your trackball and carefully center the crosshairs by using the hash marks on the outer circumfrence of the hole. (With paste on it) Then select assemble and build the board.

3. You cannot read the fids, then paste, then assemble. Unless, you are using the method I descibed above. If you were to have the machine fid search an un-pasted board, then print, then assemble without doing another fiducial read.. all of your sockets will be off the pads.

Hope this helps

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