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AOI | 25 January, 2005

Does anyone have any experience with a table top AOI? If so, how would you rate vs other options?


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AOI | 26 January, 2005

Good Morning TM,

We have a table top AOI (actually several of them) We did a side by side evaluation when we first looked at it. We looked at Qualectron, NSpec and Mirtec (Samsung at the time).

Some of the criteria that was important to us: *Library Based- you do not want to have to reprogram the same part for every job. *CAD Import- Very important in speeding up the program process. *Networkable- if you ever plan on having more than one platform. *Identification method- Some AOI systems will tell you if the SOT23 is 4 microns off center but not if it the correct SOT23 (our Pick and Place machines are able to identify if the component is a sot but not if it the correct SOT. This was more important to us) *Defect Identification Method- How do you transfer the repair list to whoever will be doing the repair?

Long story short, we settled on the Mirtec. There were several reasons for our decision but performance was the primary driver. This has been acknowledged by the President of our company as being the best investment we have ever made. We use them as a process monitoring tool and do 100% AOI as the boards come off the line so we can provide the operators continuous feedback.

We have reduced our RMA rate dramatically and improved our operating yields.

Do your homework. This is an important decision. I would suggest that you arrange a demo with the manufacturers and program your own board. Salesmen will always tell you that their product is better than their compititions. The proof is in the false call rate.

Good Luck


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AOI | 26 January, 2005

Good job, Chris

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AOI | 27 January, 2005

Thank you Chris! I actually have Mirtec coming in next month to demo their machine.

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AOI | 28 January, 2005

You may want to check out YES Tech as well. The prices are right and the machines run pretty well.

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