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Question on J-STD-001B

Ashok Dhawan


Question on J-STD-001B | 13 March, 2000

I could not find a specific clause or section in J-STD-001B which can relates to special requirements in storage, packing and handling of Moisture sensitive devices per J-Std-033 / 786A /-022 . I guess the way ESD is relevant to electronics assemblies and is mentioned duly, I could not find for MS devices if it was there. Can anyone help on this ?

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Re: Question on J-STD-001B | 18 March, 2000

Ashok: I believe J-STD-033 was released in the past year. A-610B is much older than that maybe 5 years. A-610C, �3.4.1 references J-STD-033. Ta. Dave F

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Re: Question on J-STD-001B | 21 March, 2000

Sorry, I went dyslectic of the doc numbers, but you get what I mean (I hope): * J-STD-001B was released October 1996 * J-STD-033A was released April 1999

Without belaboring the point further, J-STD-001C is current and contains references to J-STD-033A.


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