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Traceability | 8 February, 2005


Can you guys give me a heads up on "Traceability". I find it to be a stumbling block in my process and delays my manufacturing throughput big time. I wanna have a clear understanding of when you need it, why you need it and how will you benefit from it. This is one of my issues here:

Any rework done on my PWB (let's say solder joint issue) must be documented and a rework traveller is being raise to be able to execute a rework job on that certain solder joint. This needs to be signed by Mfg. Supervisor, QC etc. Another thing is that any program changes in my SMT machines must have a rework traveller done. I can't touch the machine at this point.

help me please.

thanks and regards,

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Traceability | 8 February, 2005

Your company has chosen to define its requirements for tracebility as it has. So, people there should be able to help you understand their purpose and intent.

For instance: * We distinguish between 'repair' and 'rework'. Repair requires a MRB action. Rework does not. * For us, machine programs as work instructions that can be revised locally [with supervisor by-off]. If a work instruction is revised, the work instruction get rev'd, as does the traveler. [See for a contractor, like you, probably every lot that you run on a board is different. So, you're at rev AAAA very quickly.]

From another planet, here is discussion on tracebility:

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