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Component replenishment



Component replenishment | 10 February, 2005

I want to know how is your feel to buy components in 13" reels rather than in the 7" reels. Obviously enough is that machines will stop less for replenishment, but what about the value of the stock?? What is your comment?

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Component replenishment | 10 February, 2005

cap and resistor Parts are cheap! $10 vs. $20 or so? If you are worried about inventory cost than only buy your top 10 or so runners in the large reels. I am a big fan of large reels for the high running caps and Resistors.

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Component replenishment | 11 February, 2005

We took our top 25 usage components on our top 10 production models and changed to 13"reels (8mm tape only). When we had 20 parts per we put 2x13" reels on when we had 30 parts per we put 3x13". On those particular products we went from changing up to sixty reels per eight hour shift to 20 reel changes. Even if it only takes 1 min to change a reel and do all the relavent paperwork that's 40 min of extra running time and a much more relaxed operator - and shop floor. Much less buzzers and bells. My experience says it's more like 2-3 minutes per reel change. One drawback - 13" reels are slightly wider(thicker plastic)and obviously heavier, so if you really have them jammed in tight you may experience feeding problems on certain machines. We just walk past every now and then and give them a couple of turns by hand. Like Russ, I'm a big fan.

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Component replenishment | 11 February, 2005

Positive side:

Less change overs, increased productivity 1/2 booking in & replenishement functions


If you have more than one SMT line,common part numbers & a MRP system it may tell you you can run 3 jobs at once with 1 reel

Some machines use different feeders for the 2 reel sizes.

X/y placement machines often need multiple reels for gang picking, so you may end up with far more components than you need.

Stock is not so readily available, especially in less common cap & resistor values (unless you are really organised & can wait for leadtimes).


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