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UniCam Forum



UniCam Forum | 15 May, 2000

We are trying to incorporate UniCam documentation and programming into our factory. Does anyone know of a ´┐ŻUniCam Forum´┐Ż similar to this SMT Forum?

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Re: UniCam Forum | 15 May, 2000

This forum is as good as any to ask a question on. Actually, it could be interesting to get some questions that don't show up in monthly cycles! What's on your mind???

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Micah Newcomb


Re: UniCam Forum | 15 May, 2000

Mark, I am not aware of any forum dedicated soley to Unicam, but as Jax said this forum is about as good as any. I am sure there are many Smtneters that use Unicam daily, myself included. We use Unidoc for documentation and we also utilize Fujicam to program our SMT line as well as some T.H. equipment. What's your question?

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Re: UniCam Forum | 16 May, 2000

Just getting into it right now. I appreciate the quick feed back.

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Re: UniCam Forum | 30 May, 2001

Are you using any Philips Unicam software and if so what kind of support / luck are you having?

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