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Handskin reaction!!



Handskin reaction!! | 21 February, 2005


I know this is not Production/Process related but I decided to post it just to find out if this has happened elsewhere.

We have a SMT Operator who has worked at SMT for over 6 years now,he has recently developed some sort of Skin problem on his hands which his Doc is saying is work related. Basically his hands are chapping and are very dry. We use Isoprpoyl Alcohol as cleaning solvent but the guys always where gloves.

If any one has experienced similar please let me know.


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Handskin reaction!! | 21 February, 2005

My money's on the gloves!

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Handskin reaction!! | 21 February, 2005

Either the gloves or He's not really wearing them. For whatever it is worth, a Dr. as soon as finding out that alcohol or any other drying agent is used for work that will always be the first reason they come up with. It could be something he's doing at home.

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Handskin reaction!! | 21 February, 2005

AJ: What are you cleaning with IPA?

Problems with IPA are: * Hazardous material by RCRA criteria (40CFR 261) * Flash point (~12�C TCC) is sufficiently low that all electrical equipment within a few meters of the bath must be flameproofed or intrinsically safe, if you don't want a fire. * Harmful to people, requiring personal protective equipment including: skin protection [chemical resistant glove, not some pourous butt examination gloves], eye & face protection, and respiratory protection. * A volatile organic compound (VOC) that forms ozone when mixed with Nox, primarily from automobile exhaust, on warm, sunny days.

Look here:

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Handskin reaction!! | 21 February, 2005

thanks for all the replies.

we clean our Dek Stencils after use with IPA. What gloves do you guys use when cleaning stencils?

I have found some info. relating to Latex Gloves as been a possible cause..

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Handskin reaction!! | 22 February, 2005

Latex sensitivity is HUge.

Try changing to vynal gloves. Also keeping the hands moist is a good idea. ESD Hand cream is an option. Just becareful when using the hand cream as it may transfer to boards, stencils, components......

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Handskin reaction!! | 22 February, 2005

Probably: 1. Laytex reaction 2. Some other exposure at work or home

FWIW: Cleaning anything with alcohol sucks. Alcohol toxicity could be your problem, but not like you think (hand contact). Consider inhillation as the exposure point.

Work should mandate "Oil of Olay" for this type of problem. You'll notice the complaints drop off when the guys are forced to use a beauty cream (snicker)

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Handskin reaction!! | 23 February, 2005

Latex gloves will cause this kind of reaction.

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Handskin reaction!! | 28 February, 2005

You may well find it is the powder used in the gloves. Distributors offer gloves without powder. Also beware of using hand products with Lanolin, Mineral oil, Rose Hip oil, etc around electronics assembly ... solderability issues may crop up and take weeks to track down.

Been there, got the shirt!

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Handskin reaction!! | 3 March, 2005

You might want to try 100% nitrile gloves. They are ESD safe and will not irritate the skin like latex.

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Handskin reaction!! | 4 March, 2005

I guess it would be the work related reaction as there is many hazardous substance in the SMT process, such heavey metal, flame retardant, which are known for its hazard to enviroment and human health. actually, in our factory, maybe because of lack of work protection actions, it is familiar that some direct workers suffer the same reactions even pimples in body.

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Handskin reaction!! | 8 March, 2005

Just to let you all know.

We got some nitrile powder free gloves and everything is fine now. We tried Vinyl but they were powdered so it really looks like it could be the powder and not the latex but I am sticking with the Nitrile powder free gloves.

Thanks again for all the replies.


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Handskin reaction!! | 21 March, 2005

Your production person has dermatitis. nothing serious - just uncomfortable. remove that person from the area for at least 3 weeks so that the oils in his/her skin can get back to normal. Use nitrile gloves but person should not be on the project for more than 4 hours/day

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