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Tape and Reel equipment



Tape and Reel equipment | 15 May, 2000

We are in the process of researching manual or low cost automatic Tape and Reel equipment. I have heard about V-tek and Systemation. I would appreciate if someone can tell me any problems or virtues of theses two brands that have been experienced. Also, if you have any other brand in mind, please let me know. My concerns are standard parts like PLCC's, SOIC's, SOJ's,etc., Furthermore if there is anything that I need to be aware before buying this type of equipment.

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Re: Tape and Reel equipment | 15 May, 2000

Hello Aldo Can't help you with the virtues of a specific machine but I would suggest that you search this net's industry directory for a number of of other possibilities. Also try Microscan in Washington State. 360/331-8212 John Thorup

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Chris McDonald


Re: Tape and Reel equipment | 24 May, 2000

We have A V-Tek using pressure sensitive cover tape but the only success that we have found is with SO-8, S0-14, SO-16 anything wider and the tape pulls apart when on our feeders. ANything over 16 wide is not recommened unless you get a heat sensitive cover tape and machine. Support has been disapointing.


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Mukesh Lad


Re: Tape and Reel equipment | 25 May, 2000

We are a tape and reel house,we use a variety of machines. If you are looking for low voulume, low cost and easy set up for you operators. I would look at Systemation MT-30, this is a good work-horse, I have used them for 10years for small runs, note these are manual machines and the operator has to hand load them. If you need automatic with vision inspection then try Systemations ST-60 (Tube product only) or Ismeca's CA ( Tube product only), both these machines are good from 8mm - 44mm. Email me if you need more help. Machine contact information is:

Systemation 760-806-9494 Ismeca 760-305-6258

Note, the inspection machine's above will not inspect "J" leads, you will have to request that option, this will make it expensive. Also the Ismeca sealing shoe's tape width dependent and you will need to buy a set for each one. Also check other tooling cost that may be incurred.

Good Luck

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