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Quad vmp20b printer



Quad vmp20b printer | 24 February, 2005

I have a quad vmp20b benchtop printer that keeps blowing out the table up\down control FETS. Anybody have any idea what component is before or after these fets that could be causing this? I metered all the surrounding components nothing was out of the ordinary. Thanks for the input.

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Quad vmp20b printer | 24 February, 2005

contact bob paniaha or bruce chappell, they r real good at that stuff.

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Smtking Want A Be


Quad vmp20b printer | 24 February, 2005

Better go with Bob. Bruce is on his medication again!!!

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Quad vmp20b printer | 25 February, 2005

Try contacting Sigmaprint at

FYI: That priner was made by SMTech in the UK, now shut down. Quad just labeled them.

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Quad vmp20b printer | 28 February, 2005

Hi If this keeps happening after printing just a few boards then the problem will probably lie with the actuator which could be starting to tighten up.

If you give Graham McDonald at Reprint Ltd a call he can assist you to pin this down for you. Graham being an ex SMTech guy and the person concerned with the SMTech pcbs he knows these machines very well. He can be contacted on +44 1305 849254.

Reprint refurbish these machines all the time so they will have all the parts in stock if needed.

Rgds Ian

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Quad vmp20b printer | 2 March, 2005

I have talked to all the people listed above. I can not justify sending this board to England every time the thing blows a curcuit. Does anyone have schematics for this printer. thanks

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Quad vmp20b printer | 4 March, 2005

Hi I do not expect that anyone will provide you with schematic s for the board itself as providing detailed info on the boards was regarded as a no no when I was working for SMTech/Speedline SMTech.

We do not ourselves have detailed schematics but rely on the information in Grahams head as he as well as our own Roger Cole who helped in the design of the boards and wrote the software were the main men at SMTech in regards to this area.

We have now completely redesigned both the Display and Powerboards for the 90 and 100 series (VMP20B,S,MV) so that they are now better and more stable. These will be offered to current users of the machines in about a months time when we receive the first batch in.

However even if you replaced your current board you will evenually have the same problem which ultimately lies with the table lift actuator or its linkage.

Put 24 volts across the table lift actuator and check if it is noisy and seems stiff. Also check the bearings in the linkage as if this area is tightening up then this will put extrat strain on the system and thus cause the fets to blow.

I hope that this helps.

Regards Ian

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Quad vmp20b printer | 4 March, 2005

Thank you Ian,Your the first to give me an educated "guess" as to the problem with this board.I will try the actuator the next chance i get. Thanks again. Deyo

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Quad vmp20b printer | 9 March, 2005

Hello Deyo,

With regards to schematics for these boards, SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd as the authorized provider of spare parts for the SMTech range of Equipment have these drawings on file along with all other SMTech manufacturing drawings.

Sigmaprint Technologies and the company that purchased SMTech have a continuous program of product enhancement and several improvements have been made in this area since your machine was manufactured.

In response to other companies claims of stability issues with the control boards please be advised that any other company would need to design new boards if they wish to supply parts as they do not have the intellectual property rights to manufacture any SMTech parts to the original speciation.

Please contact myself at SigmaPrint Technologies directly or if you wish to discuss your issue further.

Keith Hansford

SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd Tel No.+44(0)1305 766777 Fax.No.+44(0)1305 766999

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