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Hi there,


Hi there, | 2 March, 2005

Hello, I'm a new member to the forum and I am trying to locate some information and companies in a particular sector of the market. I'm trying to find the people that supply die cut components, such as adhesive sheets for circuit boards, foam pads cuts to specifric shapes, die cut shapes for mobile technology etc etc.

any help would be greatly appreciated


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Hi there, | 2 March, 2005

A company called HISCO does things of this nature

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Hi there, | 8 March, 2005

You can also try Xymox Technologies or 3M

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Hi there, | 9 March, 2005

We have a couple of presses we use for cutting adhesive backers & depanelising flex's etc. You can usually get away with steel rule dies which cost a couple of hundred dollars instead of hard tooling.

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