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Kemet Low ESR tant D



Kemet Low ESR tant D | 4 March, 2005

Anybody out there using these and having trouble getting them out of the tape? We currently are experiencing these parts being stuck in the tape. The carrier tape is mis-formed leaving a slight lip over the top of the component preventing our placement machines from picking. Kemet is providing some of the worst support and resolution that I have experienced with a component Mfgr. They have basically said "we will replace only the parts that got stuck and we do not care about all of your downtime and continued machine stoppage". i won't even mention how long it took for them to even believe it was happening and they flat out told us that we were crazy and that this just can't happen. the faces seemed to drop a little bit when we gave them pieces of tape that we pulled from a brand new reel pulled the covertape back held the tape upside down and none (actually very few) parts fell out. They cowered alittle more when we started beating the tape on the desk and they STILL wouldn't come out.

Just thought I would FYI everybody in case it starts happening to them. Well, time to find a cross with another Mfgr.


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Kemet Low ESR tant D | 5 March, 2005

Yes we've had problems with kemet caps on 12mm t/r. By the time it gets replaced, our production schedule gets so screwed up. Our immediate solution was to bypass and place them by hand before reflow. We eventually went with a cross from Venkel and its been pretty good. Our problems have been with the feeders ability to pull the tape back (sometmes there is too much adhesive or the tape easily breaks...alot of wasted parts). Its a hard situation because the manufacturers excuse has always been what you we just went with a cross and tried to find another distributor.


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