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Michael Parker


Archives, FAQ's, newcomers | 12 May, 2000

I have been following the "net for about six months. In the beginning I asked basic questions and was refered to the archives on occasion. Usually I had already tried, but maybe did not get the correct spelling of terminology which frustrated my search. I would like to suggest that you consider a FAQ's (tombstones, etc.)for the archives, wherein newbies could access a glossary and then get all associated threads on a specific subject. This could help on the cross talk and flamming in the regular forum and give less informed individuals a rich source of information, free of fear for appearing dunb. Also, please try to promote new technologies that need free thinkers to share research. One such thread recently attempted without much participation was on AOI. I wanted to see that be very active but few noticed it. No lead is just around the corner, as well as Intel Rambus. These all present unique challenges and need solutions. Maybe you could host a Future Technology thread, a once weekly opportunity, invite some experts to get it started, avoid sales types from self-promotion, providing mostly white paper facts.

Thank you

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