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MYDATA my9 | 6 March, 2005

Slot three will not recognize magazine. LED's are lit (green)when inserted into slot three. Magazine works in all other slots. Tried multiple magazines. All gave the same error. Error code = E-MIPR-1 unknown magazine type slot 3 No visible damage to connector or parts wedged into connector (all pins look OK).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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MYDATA my9 | 7 March, 2005

The machine sees a magazine, but with wrong number. somehow one (maybe more) wire from the magazine bus does not reach slot 3, as the other slots work, there is probably not a short, as the magazine bus work for other slots, the problem is probably in slot 3. That leavs the magazine connector with it's flat cable (common spare part, it should be in your spare part kit) or possibly the MIBB-board in slot 3 (behind the slot, a board with almost no components, but some solder joints).

Still the most common problem is components stuck in the connector, sometimes hard to see. A (black) SOT23 squeezed in into the shadow at one connector spring is hard to see, strong light and sharp eyes is recomended.

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MYDATA my9 | 7 March, 2005

Another thing :

Make sure that there are no other mags plugged into the machine while you are trying to trouble shoot slot 3.

I have seen shorted vibratory ID chips mess up other magazines up in different slots. For instance : a shorted vibe in slot one may make a tape mag in slot 8 act weird.

As noted by anonymous,Mydata usually puts magazine connectors in their spares kit. Even if you can't see something stuck in there, replace it anyways.

I have also seen instances where the magazine is not getting pushed into the connector far enough.

Hope this helps.

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MYDATA my9 | 10 March, 2005

I agree with SirTec. Conflicts with other magazines slotted into machine often cause un reckognized magazine errors elseware. You can also try to re seat the first pair of MOT driver cards in computer this is whare mag data is stored. Also a loose cable connection inside magazine can cause this we have had problems with the ribbon cable that runs to the selonoid bank and to the switch for logging the magazine comeing loose on card.

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MYDATA my9 | 1 April, 2005

A couple of things.. 1) The problem is more than likely on the magazine board itself (TC2), most likely the pal chip that stores the serial number and feeder information (you could swap this with a working magazine to verify) 2) The magazine connector (XMIF) could possibly be mis-aligned, but not likely on a MY series machine 3) Not to be picky, but the first two MOT boards in the computer do not store the magazine data, The first board, the MI multiplies the signals from the second board,(the MOT-M)but is not actually a MOT board, and is phisically attached to the MI. The magazine info is addressed by the serial number and referenced to a file on the hard drive 4) Point #3 assumes that you are using older style tape, or original agilis. if you are using the newer linear magazines point 3 is moot, and you need to look at the MCU unit (that's assuming you have linear mags)

Hope all this helps

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MYDATA my9 | 2 April, 2005

two bent pins on the like a champ

Thanks all for the help

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