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Dek Camera



Dek Camera | 10 March, 2005


I have a Dek Mk1-similiar to 265. I am having some intermittent problems with the Camera. The signal gets all fuzzy every now and again, by me disconnecting the power and reconnecting it works fine again .

They are quite expensive to replace as you probably know. Am I looking at a dodgy camera or possibly power lead?? Any ideas/experiences greatly appreciated.


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Dek Camera | 10 March, 2005


Dek recommended the replacement of the wire harnesses on the Mk1's often (I think anually). I never saw this problem on a Mk1 but many other odd problems due to breaks in the wire harness. They had this as a kit at one time but I haven't worked with the Mk1 for about 5 years so I don't know if they still carry it.


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