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Missing components in Reel


Missing components in Reel | 11 March, 2005

(1)While fixing feeders to reels ,some small componets are displaced or fell down out of reel and there will be discontinuty.In-fact there will be probability of this till we load magazines to machine. Is there any effect, I mean ultimately,will we get missing components in PCB? (2) I observed that we load feeders while reels having only couple of component, will machine stop or ask to place missing components by hand?

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Missing components in Reel | 11 March, 2005

If there is an empty pocket at the pick up position, because a component "fell off" then the pick and place machine will attempt to pick up more components from the same feeder an "x" amount of times, depending on your component parameters, then it will stop when it reaches that "x" amount of miss-picks.

It will not attempt to place parts that it hasn't picked, unless you are running a machine where you can bypass component inspection.

What pick and place mavhine do you have?

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Missing components in Reel | 11 March, 2005


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Missing components in Reel | 17 March, 2005


Even if you don't use vision or a HYDRA head, the MYDATA should still sense no component, and try 3 times by default. Also, if the MYDATA does not place the component it will not be marked as places, so the placement program won't ever finish. You would have to manually clear it.

If your loading only a few components, have you tried using the Y wagon, or tray wagon to place a short piece of tape strip, and then define it as a feeder tray and pick from the small piece of tape. MYDATA's are flexible and can do this unlike other machines. This helps very small jobs where you don't have many components.



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Missing components in Reel | 18 March, 2005

Hold on, MyData can place no component and not detect error if the minimum and maximinum settings in the centering phase are within the mesurement of the tool it'self. Especially if the levels are down between the jaws. For insurance make sure the tool deminsion is not within the Min / Max settings of the package. If it can not be set otherwise then I recommend that you use level 1, middle setting. This keeps the tool from extending down to between the Jaws causing a deminsion equals zero error when parts are not present on tool.

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