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Asymtek vs. Camalot



Asymtek vs. Camalot | 23 March, 2005

Hi all

Can somebody share their experiences on the Asymtek DispenseJet systems? I am not interested in sales rep talk, I want to hear real-life facts. Mainly things like maintenance intensity (is that the expression?) and if there are any issues with adhesive/paste viscosity etc. What about paste dispensing? Currently we are running a Camalot XyFlex Pro that we are quite pleased with, but one day we will be needing more speed and I think it is a good idea to take a wider look on what's available on the market. I understand that the Asymtek is faster than the Camalot? The XyFlex Pro is very easy to maintain, we just clean the pump cartridge once per day (15 minutes) and that's it. Reliability is very good too, no problems whatsoever so far. What about DispenseJet, is it much more maintenance intensive? Any mechanical/software reliability issues?

Regards Hannu

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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 24 March, 2005

Don't switch to other vendors or suppliers. Stick with Cam/Alot. It's reliable and repeatable and besides you know the system well now. If you get a different brand you have to start again with the sickness of the equipment, learn it again and build relations with the distributor.


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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 4 April, 2005

Machines are simply tools to get the job done.

Always do a complete assesment of any new machine with a test vehicle and proper research before you buy.

Don't believe the marketing hype. Jet-dispense may work AOK for some things, may not for others.

Both companies do some outstanding work with their products, and both have issues.

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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 12 October, 2005

for conformal coat we are having issues with the camalot P.C.'s, the software is not supported past the windows 98 platform, we are looking at asymtek now, there is also an up and comer called USI....

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Chris Griffin


Asymtek vs. Camalot | 12 October, 2005

I have experience with both Xyflex and Asymtek. I think the M2000 is much easier to maintain. About 30 minutes once a week to clean the valve. The dots are more consistant, also.

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