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Solder Joint Strength



Solder Joint Strength | 31 March, 2005

Can anyone guide me to what test do I need to be able to identify the strength of my fine pitch component solder joint? What value is available that I can use as a reference? Say 1.5 kg, 2.0 kg, 2.5 kg etc.

I would like to have my fine pitch component solder joint strength measured but i do not know which is the proper method of test, tensile, shear etc. and what is the acceptable value. I'm sure someone there have done these tests.


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Solder Joint Strength | 1 April, 2005

Wow, Daja Vu!

Besides a 9 iron, there isn�t any official physical test you speak of. You can run a design of experiments to prove your joints are strong, but I wouldn�t suggest pushing, slapping or prying on a customers solder joints. Any such poking may make the joint weak. Do a DFM and then establish a visual guideline on what an acceptable joint looks like and what a failed one looks like (or use the pix in IPC).

There are Thermal, Vibe, and Shock tests you can do as well. These are pretty well documented and represent what your board would experience in real life, which is a lot better than an operator poking your solder joints with a crow bar.

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