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PTH Solder Short



PTH Solder Short | 3 April, 2005

What is the minimum pitch for PTH component not tend to have solder shorts during wave soldering process.

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PTH Solder Short | 4 April, 2005

It depends on the component and the land, but 0.1 inch is safe.

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PTH Solder Short | 4 April, 2005

that depends on clinch direction, length, and angle. .200" hole center to center is usually safe for all automatic insertion equipment.

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PTH Solder Short | 4 April, 2005

Depends on a lot of things as suggested above but we solder land to land spacings of .02" (.5mm) with no shorting.


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PTH Solder Short | 4 April, 2005

IPC may help, otherwise there are many factors: Are the PTH clinched or straight? If straight, what length protrusion? What direction are the parts running thru wave? Is product on a pallet?

Not to mention your soldering process: What type of machine are you using? Nitrogen blanket or none? Speed of the conveyor for this product?

Finally your board fab carries a few factor to think about: Type of mask finish. Is there mask between the leads or not? Is this a single sided or double sided product?

A quick fix (if you�re gluing SMT to the bottom first) is to have your stencil cut so a strip of adhesive is between the two leads in that might short. It acts a natural short preventer and cost nothing to implement.

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