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Glue Dispenser

Stuart Hockensmith


Glue Dispenser | 9 May, 2000

hello- I am looking to add into my predominatly Fuji SMT lines a glue dispensing machine. I currently have for dispensing technology is a Camalot 3800 in one of my two lines. The second doesn't have any capability for glue , thus the reason for my desire to add. The problem is that I am uncertain about which of the following used machines I should select. I am a contract manufacturer and have limited funds. I have certain parameters that I narrowed down the list to ( dot placement , robustness to enviroment , spare parts , etc ) and it comes down to Fuji GL-II or GL-V ; Camalot 3800 or 3100 ; Asymtek 618. I know that certain pumps are desired on each of these machines so take it for granted that the pump issue is a non-issue, each machine has what I need ( 635 , DV-06 , etc.). I really don't have a feel for Asymtek 's machine and how it is to use. Any ideas or comments is greatly appreciated. OK sales rep's let's be objective !

Thanks, Stuart

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Re: Glue Dispenser | 9 May, 2000

Stuart, Before you get all the sales rep's involved how will choosing a non-FUJI machine affect program generation. If you use an offline program generator will the Asymtek be compatible? If not, have you taken this into consideration. If they will perform the same tasks and the money aspect is comparable finding the one that will do it faster and easier is probably the way to go!

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Micah Newcomb


Re: Glue Dispenser | 9 May, 2000

Along the same line as Jax, since you already have the camelot on one of your lines I would suggest staying with the same platform thus having "identical" lines. This is assumming you have similar fuji machines on both lines. If you are using fujicam then there are modules available for the camelot (as well as many other dispencers) but having duplicate machines makes programming and process changes easier to control. good luck.

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Re: Glue Dispenser | 10 May, 2000

Hi Stuart, just to be clear right from the start I work for Asymtek, so you know where this reply is comming from.

I agree with Jax and Micah that to purchase Fuji or Camalot will probably be a system that you are more familar with, so the learning curve could be less. However if you are looking at the used market Asymtek has a used equipment group so we may be able to supply you with a competatively priced machine but with full factory support.

Now have you heard about our new non-contact jet technology for SMA adhesive? We believe that we have some of the best technology on the market today for surface mount adhesive dispensing. The DV06 is a long way from what is available today.

You did not say how many dots per hour you are looking for or what price range you are in. You may find that you could get a new SMA jet dispenser for your application. We also have a system with both SMA and solder paste on the same machine. Plus we have in line and batch machines with Jet technology and needle dispensing.

If you would like more information send me an email Steve Adamson If you would like I could arrange for a sales person to call you and explain our used equipment options and discuss your application. Let me know how you would like to proceed. It's your call.

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