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soldering wires


soldering wires | 6 May, 2000


I am looking for a small solder pot with a fountain or wave. I have seen mini-waves but would like to find something smaller and less expensive. Would like to dip solder wires to small bulb leads. If anyone has any suggestions please follow-up. Thanks in advance.


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Jeff Sanchez


Re: soldering wires | 8 May, 2000

Hi Wayne, Why do you feel that your solder pot needs a fountain for this application? It is always nice to have a mini fountain wave but it is not always a must. Good flux and a steady hand go along way. Iether way you will need a steady hand! Those little fountains aren't cheap no matter how they come. Not even used do they come cheap enough to be justified by one job unless it pays big or has big volume. If I could avoid it I would untill the budget spells mini wave. You don't need a wave to solder.Just dip your boards if you can. I might of missed the delemma of your process but if you can get around buying a mini wave do it. I hope that helped a little?..My two cents is cheap..hehe......Jeff Sanchez

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