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Damage Component



Damage Component | 23 April, 2005

Biggest SMT issue we encounter in our production floor is Damaged Component,we have implemented a lot of action items but the reject is not declining.Can anyone suggest any special action taken to resolve this problem at your facility.

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Damage Component | 23 April, 2005

Give us more info on your pcb... Perhaps if you use a multi pannel pcb you can dammage components when its time to separate your boards.

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Damage Component | 27 April, 2005

Definetly need more infomation. What kind of machine? What type of tool? Where in the process id damage noted, before or after reflow? What type of part? have you tried changing vendor?

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SMT Production


Damage Component | 28 April, 2005

and also check BTU blower because heat can also damage your component

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