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NanoStar | 26 April, 2005

Is anyone using any NanoStar components from TI? It looks like we might be building boards with some soon. We have put down 0201's successfully. But these are a whole other ballgame. They are 0.9mm by 1.4mm with 5 or 6 balls on the bottom. Would this need to have underfill? Also inspecting is going to be a challenge. And I would not want to rework any. Are there any good online sources regarding mounting components like these? I couldn't find anything on TI's website about the actual manufacturing of products that use parts like this.

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NanoStar | 3 May, 2005

Go to Google Type Nanostar Select Logic Packaging-Nanostar In middle of page select SMT&2nd Level Relability of Nanostar You should find a 35 page PDF file that tells u everything.

If not post your e-mail and I'll sent it to u

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NanoStar | 3 May, 2005

The biggest problem is getting paste on the board. We ran a board that had 8 per and would get an occasional insufficient solder joint. I would look into doing the boards with something like a SiPad process ( My $0.02

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