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Large Solder Stencil Apertures

Richard Durrant


Large Solder Stencil Apertures | 4 May, 2000

I have a few lcc devices that have large metal areas on their bases that require them to be soldered to the board for thermal and electrical reasons. I have provided a large copper pad and thermal vias, but how do I describe the solder stencil information for this area? If I produce a large aperture in the stencil for this area to be soldered, the volume of solder may be too great. Do I produce a matrix of apertures, reducing the solder in this area? Is there a formula for this anywhere?

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Dane Stokes


Re: Large Solder Stencil Apertures | 6 May, 2000


On the large arpetures I have seen they have been divided into four smaller arpetures to cover the placement area to reduce the ammount of paste. Just tell them to divied the total area into quarters and decrease the size of the quarter pieces into 1/8and place them on eht inside of the square like this,

- ------------- - - Sp Sp - - Sp Sp - - - - Sp Sp - - Sp Sp - - ------------- -

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