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FUJI Line vs MY15 line


FUJI Line vs MY15 line | 19 May, 2005

In this plant we have some lines with this configuration: Dek infinity - CP642 - CP642 - FIP3 - GSM - Vitronics and our averrage in change over is 60 min.

It is possible that we will have a new one smt line, with Dek - My15 - My15 - Vitronics. I would like to know some experiences of plants that have lines with a similar configuration.


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FUJI Line vs MY15 line | 26 May, 2005

We have dek-my12-my12-heller. We are very happy with it.

Change-over time varies more by facility than by machine type. I worked at a place with dek-mviif-msf-btu and we had faster changeovers there. There we had a dedicated feeder set-up. Close to 300 parts never came off the machines. I once visited a place that I believe had very fast changeovers. They did preloads. They had one kit running, another loaded on feeders, and a third being loaded, at all times. The place I was at previously worked at doing preloads and it helped a lot.

I'm a fan of Mydata but I also don't reccommend introducing new equipment manufacturers unless there is a good reason.

Before going with new equipment you havn't used before, look at dedicated feeders, dedicated feeder slots, and pre-loads. Maybe even have feeders loaded in the stockroom and delivered to the floor already loaded.

The only way Mydata's are faster for changeovers is having the next run loaded on feeders. Although once the feeders are loaded, you can change 16 parts faster (0804 feeder size parts) than you can change 1 on other machines. But my point is it's the pre-loading not the feeder type that makes the real difference.

And I think FIP3's are faster to load as far as tray parts go. And your new line will probably be lucky to do 20% of what your old line can do. (while running) Fuji seems to come closest to their rated speeds in the real world.

It reminds me of people changing MRP systems and wanting to do things the way they did on the previous one. It's not so much the MRP system as much as it is how you use it.

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FUJI Line vs MY15 line | 31 May, 2005


We run both, and the Fuji's have a much better vision system, and will place reliably. I would never recommend MYDATA over Fuji, as there is a huge difference in stability and placement accuracy.



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FUJI Line vs MY15 line | 6 June, 2005


As a MYDATA user, your comments worry me. You state that the MDYATA's are not stable or reliable?

I am currently placing 0201's with the HYDRA head (at appx 15K/hr) with 0.01% fallout/bad placement. I also place a large range of fine pitch type components with absolutely no problems. I have worked with the various glass plate slugs for experimentation on the MYDATA's, and the machine always performs better than what is quoted.

I am curious to what you have found so that I know what to look for! Perhaps I am missing something!

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FUJI Line vs MY15 line | 10 June, 2005

Sounds to me like someone had some mydata's and didnt know exactly how to calibrate them.....then that somebody purchased some brand new fuji's that were calibrated perfectly (which they should be when brand new) and that would be the difference. I have neither Fuji's or Mydata's but have seen similiar results with many,many,many different users of equipment.

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