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Low Halide Wave soldering Flux



Low Halide Wave soldering Flux | 25 May, 2005

We are evaluating a low halide Water soldering flux (Aim WS716). Has anyone had good/bad experience with it?

Our operator has mentioned strong and irrating smell, even when standing a foot away from the conveyor entry/exit. The fluxer is embedded within the machine and has localized and overhead exhaust.

Rgds, Peter

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Low Halide Wave soldering Flux | 28 May, 2005

Aim offers excellent soldering fluxes. That said your probably dealing with the local representative. The FIRST question to ask when evaluating any chemistry is "What is the Availability of the flux". Distributors don't necessarily stock all of a manufacturers product line. Thus if this is an item that only a few people are using then you may experience (A) Delivery problems and (B) Higher price than you wish to see. Once you establish that the product is sold regularly in the market then forget the odor for the moment and determine wether or not the product meets your criteria. Odor should not be a criteria for acceptance unless of course it's just too powerful. In example, if your people use lets say kester wire solder for 10 years and I introduce Aim wire solder. They may be use to smelling one type of odor and the new solder offers a different odor. They will get used to it. Don't let the smell or the operator make the decision for you. Base it on the quality. Just my opinion from experience.

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