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RoHS Compliant Materials



RoHS Compliant Materials | 31 May, 2005


I was informed that our supplier of PWB's will start using RoHS compliant Materials but will still support HASL. And these are the materials that they will use:

Standard FR-406-408 High Temp - polyimide, cyanate ester High Temp - Roger's, Teflon etc..

I did not understand what these means to me and also the RoHS compliant materials that supports HASL. Can you help me with this? Will these RoHS compliant materials impact my reflow profile?


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RoHS Compliant Materials | 31 May, 2005

We not sure what your supplier means either. So, maybe it's worth a follow-up call.

One possibility is: The HASL could be lead-free as easily as it could be SnPb.

You probably need to think about how you're going to change your reflow recipe to increase the temperature of the spike. The first point of interest should be your solder paste supplier recommendations.

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