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WIP tracking


WIP tracking | 14 June, 2005

Any tried and true methods for tracking WIP with a paper system? A good white paper on the subject or even a decent book reference that covers the topic would be great.

It's really never been done here before and beyond establishing time standards and start schedules I'm at a loss. We build both turnkey and customer kitted jobs which complicates things a bit.

Ultimately we'd like to go with bar codes but other things need to happen first.

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WIP tracking | 15 June, 2005

Kanban is a paper-based WIP tracking system that is well documented. Here's a paper: Google to find books and other papers.

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WIP tracking | 15 June, 2005

Hi Dave...

Kanban (variances JIT, Lean, etc.) is a system I'm familiar with and have seen it used with great success in a fairly large company that was very well organized, well staffed, and spacious enough to identify things visually across the room. I'm not sure how well it would work here (given our current level of organization), but maybe I can dig up a Joel Barker video and see how it's received!

What I'm really trying to install is a basic system that tells me who's working on what, how many they've finished, etc. It just needs to be something we can get them to use, i.e., something easy and unintimidating.

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WIP tracking | 15 June, 2005


Read the Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt


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