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Universal Lightning head



Universal Lightning head | 22 June, 2005

Anyone out there with first hand experience with the Advantis platform and more specifically with the lightning head? How is the speed/accuracy/software?


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Universal Lightning head | 23 June, 2005

The Lightning Head on an Advantis Platform is a good choice. You should expect to see "Real Life" speeds around 20K, better accuracy than any Turret Style Machine, and the software is the same as any GSM,Genesis,Advantis machine using a Windows platform.

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Universal Lightning head | 27 October, 2005

Do you have any advice on preventive maintanance? Universal does not call for much. We have the machine running now. It is incredible for a $150K machine. We have had no maint issues but I want to make sure it stays running the way it is. I have visited two other factories that were using it and they both were doing maintenance only as required(waiting for breakdown-though both said they have had none-but none were over two years old), we dont care to do that. It seems like it is very robust, it is incredible to watch. I want to keep it running just as it is though and not wait for a problem. Any tips from someone who has had one for awhile would be greatly appreciated.

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