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in-line testing


in-line testing | 8 July, 2005

Last year we installed two in-line ICT/Functional testers. With the current volume getting ever greater, we need to be able to identify post test what has been tested and what has not. One idea was to put two circular pads 0.100 apart with an 0.004" trace and have the tester blow the trace if it tests good. Any other ideas? I welcome comments

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in-line testing | 8 July, 2005

I sell in-line ATE/ICT systems. They are designed to identify passed or failed boards coming off the tester(s). You can do so with a 90 deg. diverter and an extra magazine loader. The ICT machine knows which has passed and which has failed, so it communicates with down-stream board handling equipment to send boards to the appropriate location, one for good and one for bad. If your ATE machines do not have the ability to SMEMA comm with down-stream board handling equipment, then you do have a challenge. See if the machines offer a marking pen option or if you can engineer one with I/O on the ATE.

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