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SMT PCB prototype

John Biskup


SMT PCB prototype | 26 April, 2000

Can anyone give me a pointer to information about obtaining a prototype board for an SMT circuit.


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Eric Chua


Re: SMT PCB prototype | 26 April, 2000

1. Verify all the part had load to machine. Get ready for the profile. 2. Run the board with double side tape. Is better to run one board for each machine. 3. Verify all the placement ( missing, misalgnment,etc )and check the value using meter for all the chips. For IC, check on the body marking. 4. Any error, correct it and run it again. 5. Verify the correction which had correct. 6. Once all finish, start to print solder paste and check the paste heigth untill is right. 7. Run one board down, check on the placement again before reflow. If no problem, go thought the reflow and check the solder join.

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Re: SMT PCB prototype | 26 April, 2000

John, try:

APC Circuits 403.250.3406 bbs291.9342 Proto Express 408.735.7137 fax1408 Proto Engineering Sunnyvale, CA 408.738.0693 Glynn Shaw Advanced Circuits 21100 E 33Road Dr Aurora CO 80011 800.289.1724

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