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SMT PICKN'PLACE | 16 July, 2005

hello i am looking for a mid volume pick 'n' place m/c. one of local distributor approached me with the details of autotronik's products. ( but i learnt that their system is exactly that of manncorp.( ). Please suggest who is the actual manufacturer and is reliable in terms of service and spares. thanx.

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SMT PICKN'PLACE | 18 July, 2005

In regards to your post...I am sure Autotronk is the manufacturer. I can only asume when you speak of a "local Rep" it is in the US. If you go to Autotronik's website via the link you will see Manncorp is the Canada/USA/ Mexico Rep. Here is how it is listed on the site: USA / Canada / Mexico Manncorp Box 8, 1840 County Line Rd, 100 USA-Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Henry Mann Fon +1 - 215 - 364-6100 Fax +1 - 215 - 364-6110 web

Remember Manncorp does not "Manufacture" machines they are an exclusive rep company.

Manncorp has some extremely capable service engineers.

But keep in need to evaluate the machines (Ask for other users, number of machines in US, spare prices) against what you will be doing (Placement complexity and type) vs. ROI.

Enjoy, Cal

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