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Solder Paste Storage

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Solder Paste Storage | 16 July, 2005

Should solder paste be placed back in the refrigirator after use? If so, is there a limit on how many times we may take it out and re-refrigirate it?

After receiving solder paste, it is put away in the fridge. Then, removed a few hours before use so that it reaches room temperature. After usage, it is placed back in the fridge and the cycle continues. We are in prototype / R+D lab so the paste is used to assemble a couple of boards a week. Also, for how long can it be out (syringe or jar) after opening at room temp.?

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Solder Paste Storage | 17 July, 2005

Without knowing how much you use or what you use it for or what brand and which type, hard to say. In general, follow the Manufacturers recomendations. If you are doing precision work then use cartridges and let them warm up to room temp for a few hours before using, scrap what is left over. Jars are bad news. If you are just doing 1206 or 0805 passive components then you can put the left over paste in a small ziplock bag and re-use. I would not mix it back into a jar once it has been on the stencil.

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